Spartan M&LE provides you with great support through various trainings and proximity maintenance services

Define together a tailor-made offer to suit your needs

With its rich catalog and 30 years’ experience, Spartan M&LE offers a tailor-made, global offer adapted to any institutional entity. Our solution is based on four pillars:

  1. Dedicated equipment composed of training weapons, consumables, accessories and protective wearables,
  2. Technical training courses for basic operations and routine maintenance
  3. A local maintenance network,
  4. Optional tactical training based on 6 mm simulation exercises available through our network of partners.

Train the users to basic operations and routine maintenance

Maintaining a high availability rate of our training equipment is one of our top priorities.

To do so, we systematically include basic operations and routine maintenance trainings, taking place after delivery of the equipment. The organization of these trainings is flexible. We usually send one of our specialists to your premises in order for him to meet the staff members you wish to train. Simple but efficient, these courses will allow you to safely run you 6 mm training sessions.

Ensure a local after-sales service

In addition to this training, we systematically establish a maintenance contract wherever you may be located. This contract, we establish it together based structures and procedures adapted to your needs and specificities. We do so because we value the importance of maintaining the proximity of the maintenance capabilities and the users.

This maintenance contract is organized around 3 different technical levels of intervention:

  • the first level is the user's level,
  • the second level is the specialized repairer,
  • the third level is the manufacturer support provided directly by Spartan M&LE.

    The first and second levels of intervention are provided either by our network of local partners or by the direct training of your gunsmiths . Thus most of the support operations will be conducted near or even within your units ensuring an excellent user / repairer dialogue and, if necessary, a repair or even a quick and personalized exchange.

    Manufacturer support is provided directly by Spartan M & LE, which is committed to replace or repair any major breakdowns as quickly as possible.

Going further with 6 mm based tactical courses and simulations

Spartan M&LE also offers you training courses based on tactical exercises simulation. Thanks to our officially recognized and rigorously selected partners, these courses are available anywhere in the world.

In France, we already offer turnkey courses for the training of municipal police through instructors recognized and qualified by the National Center for Territorial Public Service (CNFPT). This training focuses on self-defense, new conditions of use of weapons and the legal environment of municipal police.

Abroad, we are able to offer you military or police training courses to prepare the operational deployment of a unit on an external mission or to perfect its level of training. Our solutions are flexible, adaptable but always powerful, do not hesitate to inquire!