About Spartan M&LE

About us

Spartan M & LE is Cybergun Group’s Armed Forces and Police Training Division. With 30 years of experience, Cybergun is the world leader in 6 mm and 4.5 mm firearms replicas under license. Listed on the Paris stock market since 1999 and achieving nearly 35 million euros in turnover in 2016, the Cybergun Group now operates through 10 offices on 4 continents and has the largest sales force in the airsoft industry.

Since July 2016 Spartan M & LE is led by General (Rtd) Emmanuel MAURIN. Over the course of his career, he has acquired a strong operational experience during numerous engagements in external operations and a perfect mastery of the small and medium weapons training concepts. Using his knowledge and experience, he works closely with Cybergun Group’s R&D to help develop the most efficient training equipment.

With the arrival of GLOCK, the latest license signed in 2015, Cybergun Group has the largest portfolio of exclusive worldwide licenses, allowing it to offer replicas ranging from handguns to heavy machine guns. Arsenal Firearms, Colt, Desert Eagle, FAMAS, FN Herstal, GLOCK, Kalashnikov, Mossberg, Sig Sauer and many others have put their trust in our group to develop the most effective training systems in close cooperation.

Through its various subsidiaries and worldwide locations the Cybergun Group supervises all aspects of the value chain, from R&D to maintenance monitoring and manufacturing oversight. Our Hong Kong office gives us the ability to be present at key moments in order to ensure the strictest quality controls and the most demanding production processes. Its direction is assured by a young director, former officer of the French army, assisted by the R & D director, licensed gunsmith and former member of the French Gendarmerie Nationale.

In 2014, the CYBERGUN group became the property of a French investors consortium. Among them, Claude Solarz (Paprec, Monceau Fleur ...), Dominique Romano (Venteprivée.com ...) and others have commonly invested 40 million euros, ensuring financial strength and a strong ability to project into the future.

Why chose Spartan M&LE ?

Spartan M&LE aims at helping its customers overcome efficiently the challenges of modern training. The strength of our offer is based on two complementary pillars: the inherent perks of using 6 & 4.5 mm calibers and our the reliability of our support.

The advantages or our training models catalogue revolve around 4 key points:


Great attention has been put into the development of the Spartan line of training models. Accurate weight, balance, and operation, combined with realistic blowback feedback allows the user to experience true motion training.

This attention to detail allow first time users to gain experience, proficiency, and a comfort level with remarkable speed. The advantage of repeatable, close proximity use becomes quickly apparent for seasoned professionals. Our models are specifically designed and built to sustain various type of environments. They are unaffected by high humidity, high temperature or high-volume use.

Ease of use

Spartan replicas are not weapons. Carrying them as well as storing them is a lot easier than with real weapons. The same goes for organizing "force on force" exercises and urban operations training.

They can be used anywhere and anytime you want. They don’t require any specific or dedicated area, security measure nor do they require any type of heavy & bulky protections. Force on force exercises and training for urban operations can now be done without any risks of injuries for military or law enforcement personnel. Only a protective mask and pair of glasses are needed.

Low cost

Spartan models cost between 20% and 50% less than other equivalent means. 10,000 rounds cost as low as $160. It is 50 times less expensive than other training solutions.

Spartan training models combine efficiency with affordability. Their acquisition cost is at least 20% lower than any other training system.

Additionally, their cost of use is more than competitive. 10,000 training rounds can cost as low as $160. This averages a cost savings that is 50 times less expensive than other training products on the market.


Our solution is built on a serious and lasting consideration for the environmental challenges.

Spartan training replicas can be used in a variety of locations with little to no damage to the environment. Combined with the use of biodegradable ammo, recyclable CO2 cartridges, and a low noise signature, our models are the prime industry solution to respect your training environment.

Spartan M & LE is strongly dedicated to supporting its partners . This dedication starts at the early stage of the relationship by creating with you a tailor-made offer which suits both your needs and your budget. To facilitate the transition, our equipment comes with an initial training . This training aims at teaching basic operations, routine maintenance and and instill notions of first-level repairs. To go further, Spartan M & LE also offers advanced training exercises based on the use of 6mm caliber . Conducted by approved companies, these courses consist of customizable modules according to your needs. We also support our customers through a proximity service provided by our local partners. From immediate on-site troubleshooting to the replacement of the training weapon if required, Spartan M & LE is committed to providing a quality service that ensures sustainable availability of your training equipment.

Our Values


Our replicas are exempt from export licenses but we still attach great importance to combining growth with responsibility. We apply a very strict ethical charter regarding the profile of our customers, the country of destination and any use that could be made of our concepts and means of training. We make sure consider integrity, refusal of corruption and respect of every human being, to be the pillars of our action.

Our work ethic is our defining trait: it sets the course of our other values.


Audacity is the driving force of our ambition because nothing great has ever been done without passion. In an unstable world where the need for security, both local and national, is becoming increasingly important, we offer a new, bold training solution that meets your needs, whatever your requirements and constraints. Our audacity? It's to provide a precise answer to your training needs wherever you are!

In a few words, it's daring to undertake.


Our R&D policy is a core element: the innovative solutions we offer today serve as inspiration for the revolutionary solutions of tomorrow. In a constantly changing market, we anticipate and develop new technologies to better meet your training needs as complex and varied as they may be.
Our customers are spread all over the world, the imagination is also to offer them a range of trainings and support tailored to the needs of each one.

The imagination? Our spur to prepare and build the future.

The team